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Patent Workshop
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Patent Workshop


Spectrum Insight - Patent Workshop

Typical Outline Content of Presentation

1. What is Intellectual Property? (mentioning all forms but with the focus on Patents)

2. Routes to Protecting Your Intellectual Property (filing a Patent is just one possible route)


3. Is My Idea Patentable? (outline the basic tests in UK: new, non-obvious, capable of 'iindustrial application' (i.e. useful!), and inventive step; software patents and how they can potentially be brought within scope; 'submarine patents')

4. Who is counted as 'an inventor' (the importance of identifying those who have contributed to the idea)

5. Defining Your Invention (what you need to know/ reveal and a check-list)

6. Qualifying your Invention (search process)

7. Working with a Patent Attorney (what to expect of them, what they expect from you, checking the specification and claims)

8. Dealing with Patent Office Objections

9. Monetising Your Patent (Licensing Your Idea, Asserting your IPR, selling your IPR, finding "Salvage Value" in 'failed' ideas)

10. Patent Costs and Fees

11. Question & Answer Session

And depending upon the Client's needs:

12. Possibility under Non-Disclosure Agreement to discuss specific ideas (This can be included in Workshop Fee for a consultation up to 2 hours following a paid for Patent Workshop)






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